To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.

> very interested in learning more about and how you’ve validated your product Z,Japanese Complete is the result of years of tactics and strategies distilled into one course for getting fluent fast. The main idea is that Japanese is classically taught wrong. Well, not wrong, but it’s not a rocketship. Classical Teaching:Measures number ofContinue reading “To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.”

Basic Sentence Structure of Every Japanese Sentence

Sequence is Versatile like Legos Japanese sentence structure is quite different from English; although it’s demonstrated as TSOV instead of SVO (topic, subject, object, verb, instead of subject-verb-object like English), Japanese has a much more elegant syntax that doesn’t actually depend on sequence. Japanese glues small markers to each word or phrase in a sentenceContinue reading “Basic Sentence Structure of Every Japanese Sentence”