Four Months Round: 12 Customers, New UI, 1 Anti-Customer

In the last 4 months (we started about Sept 21) we have earned the business of 12 customers, a handful of beta testers, and one vehement anti-customer.

“What is an anti-customer?” you might ask. Just as the name implies, it’s someone who campaigns against your product.

Hilariously in trying to promote our product, I have occasionally summoned the ire of reddit. The anti-sell mentality of the messageboard is stunning in some of the subreddits, and people are very fast to point out dubious or doubtful products as scam. And likely for good reason, people are likely tricked often on reddit, it’s hard to tell what is legitimate, and it’s hard to interact with quality people without putting yourself out there to some degree.

And in one conversation, someone accused our whole approach as being a scam, and I thought, this is brilliant, if I can explain my product to a person who is an extreme non-believer full-doubter, I will gain valuable experience in dealing with less extreme prospects.

In the end, going back and forth actually created a lot of great questions in my mind: how do you justify the price given the competition? how do you justify the price given the incompleteness of the product?

The answers are:

  1. To go to the gym you gotta pay for membership. We have some treadmills running great, with plenty of track laid down and new track being laid down faster than you can run it all. We are not just a textbook or a reference product, we are a translator-grade learning resource that has drills that work in tandem with your lessonplan. Comparing our product to a textbook is inaccurate because the textbook cannot tell you when you are right or wrong, it’s a picture of a bicycle, not a treadmill. Comparing our product to the other available products on the market, they are all vastly incomplete compared to ours, and offer piecemeal what we offer in one. The time you save is easily worth our subscription premium, and the value of the content is gold. Compared to other apps, you may learn the basics but they have no plan to take you to fluency, we do. Those are a couple huge chasms that would not have come to light had I not had a constructive discourse with a vehement nayser.
  2. The product is currently in development, and it will likely be in development for several more years. This is inevitable with an ambitious education product. At the same time, it’s a language learning platform and it takes time to master a language. Absorbing the material takes time and the drills are designed to perfect your understanding. Given that the curriculum has already 3+ months of material ready, it’s unlikely you’ll outpace our curriculum development team. And, in the unlikely event that you do, because you are a genius beast, or because you already know Japanese some, then you get equal or more credit for catching up to the brink of the curriculum-horizon.

If you don’t feel like you got your money’s worth, just let us know and you’ll get a full refund for the month. It’s that simple. Why not try the ultimate tool for mastering Japanese and invest in a skill and tool for the rest of your life, maybe even beyond.

Get access to the Ninja Training Grounds for Japanese Study

Read “To learn Japanese, you need a Rocket Ship.”

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