Hiragana Listening Challenge

Subscribers to Japanese Complete can now play with the infinite Hiragana Listening Challenge and Identification Quiz. A nice bonus for this quiz is that each of the wrong answers will also create the sound, much like a “pull-and-say” toy. The cow goes む。 Join now to try out the cutting edge in Japanese language learning,Continue reading “Hiragana Listening Challenge”

The Four Types of Kanji

象形・指事・会意・形声 Kanji, ideograms that constitute a bulk of the Japanese written language, come in four rough types. Pictographs, Indicators, Combographs, and Meaning-and-Sound Borrowers. The first type is pictographs which stand in for the actual thing they represent. Some researchers claim fewer than 4% are actually pictographs. 1 象形文字 しょうけいもじ 人 biped (human)女 woman手 hand田 ricefield子Continue reading “The Four Types of Kanji”

What does 「すみません」 actually mean?

The definitions of 「すみません」「すみません」の定義 「すみません」 is the standard polite form of 「すまない」 and is used when, with your present company you wish to express: 謝罪 an apology 感謝 a sense of gratitude 依頼 when you wish to request something Often translated as “Excuse me,” the word 「すみません」 has three subtle senses that may help explainContinue reading “What does 「すみません」 actually mean?”

How to Input Japanese via Keyboard

「キーボードで日本語の入力」 “Japanese Input via Keyboard” Modern Mobile Japanese Input Methods Each button is actually a mask of five letters. Since Japanese is consonant-vowel pairs you can simply choose the correct consonant (K or T) and then choose the correct vowel (A or O) and end up with your result when you release (KA or TO).Continue reading “How to Input Japanese via Keyboard”

Twenty Vowels English Make, Simply Seven Japanese.

English in all its glory has pure vowels 12 and 8 vowels glide. Compare this with Japanese that has 5 vowels. “Pure” Vowels of English/ı/as in hit/ɪ/ as in read/e/ as in bed/æ/as in bat/ɑː/as in hard/ɒ/ as in shot/ɔː/ as in short/ʊ/as in full/uː/ as in school/ʌ/ as in hut/ɜː/as in alert/ə/ as in aloudContinue reading “Twenty Vowels English Make, Simply Seven Japanese.”

Japanese Complete First Lessons Live

Japanese Complete is now live with the initial batch of lessons, subscribe today and get access to the ninja training grounds for Japanese understanding.